The poll on the favorite book in the series of visitors to this wiki had been up since May 28 of last year, so I thought it might be time for a new poll, which I have now posted.

Here are the results of the previous poll:

Total votes: 93

So it seems that finale of the original trilogy, Ptolemy's Gate, is by far the favorite, though The Amulet of Samarkandand The Ringo of Solomon tied for a respectful second-place showing. Not much love for The Golem's Eye, but that often ends up being the case with the middle title in a series such as this.

For the new poll, I've asked which of the main characters of the series is your favorite. Do you find yourself favoring Kitty Jones, the snappy heroine of the original trilogy? How about everyone's favorite wise-cracking djinni, Bartimaeus? Or maybe you found yourself gravitating to Nathaniel / John Mandrake, the young hero who overcomes his training as a government magician to save all of London and, quite possibly, the world. Finally, there's Asmira, the "hereditary guard" who is forced by Bartimaeus to consider her status as a slave and ends up uncovering a conspiracy that could have toppled both Jerusalem and her own homeland of Sheba. Get voting!

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