I'm Alex, and i very recently fell head over heels back into the fandom and was excited to find the wikia page! 

Why is the term "Demon" used so geneoursly, when it is very early in the books explained that this is an insult? 

I have started editing some pages already, and also removed the category "demon" from pages, as it is just a duplicate of the (accurate) term spirit. 

My request would be for one of the Admins to remove the category Demons from the wikia interface Characters>Demons, as this is now empty. 

Should no more Admins or Bueurocrats be active anymore, I'm notestly not entire sure how to check this, I'll definitely give adopting the wikia a try. I may be a Wikia newbie, but I'm not new to editing the hell out of wikis until they're as accurate and organised as I can make them.


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