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What is Bartimaeus?

The Bartimaeus Series, also known as the Bartimaeus Sequence, and the Bartimaeus Cycle, is a four-book series - three main books, and a prequel.

The main trilogy revolves around the young magician, Nathaniel, the djinni, Bartimaeus, and the non-magical commoner, Kitty Jones. The story is set in an alternate London, where the government is run by magicians, with their slaves, the "demons". The series itself follows Nathaniel as he grows up, and continues to rely on good, old Bartimaeus (5000 years, to be approximate). Nathaniel, now the Information Minister, John Mandrake, soon learns of Kitty, and the elusive Resistance, of which she is a part of. But before long, the commoners start to rebel and riot. Mandrake and Bartimaeus, along with the help of Kitty, must try and bring peace between magicians and commoners, before everything is too late.

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Demon is a general term for any of the supernatural entities originating in The Other Place and commanded by magicians in the alternate world of The Bartimaeus Trilogy. Although considered disparaging and more than a little disrespectful by Bartimaeus, it is commonly used by magicians, particularly during their incantations.

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Jonathan Stroud discusses Bartimaeus books

Jonathan Stroud discusses Bartimaeus books

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Bartimaeus is an ancient djinni of the fourteenth level (although he has also been referred to as a fourth level djinni) who narrates much of the story and is one of the three main protagonists of the trilogy. He has had many well known masters and although not the most powerful of djinn.
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    March 25, 2017 by BoringID


    I'm Alex, and i very recently fell head over heels back into the fandom and was excited to find the wikia page! 

    Why is the term "Demon" used so geneoursly, when it is very early in the books expla…

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    The poll on the favorite book in the series of visitors to this wiki had been up since May 28 of last year, so I thought it might be time for a new poll, which I have now posted.

    Here are the results …

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