The Bartimaeus Sequence is a four-book series - three main novels and a prequel - written by Jonathan Stroud. The series was first published in the UK on 30 September 2003, and the final book was published on 14 October 2010.


The main trilogy revolves around the young magician, Nathaniel, the djinni, Bartimaeus, and the non-magical commoner, Kitty Jones. The story is set in an alternate London, where the government is run by magicians, with their slaves, the "demons". The series itself follows Nathaniel as he grows up, and continues to rely on good, old Bartimaeus (5000 years, to be approximate). Nathaniel, now the Information Minister, John Mandrake, soon learns of Kitty, and the elusive Resistance, of which she is a part of. But before long, the commoners start to rebel and riot. Mandrake and Bartimaeus, along with the help of Kitty, must try and bring peace between magicians and commoners, before everything is too late.

In the prequel, it is Jerusalem in 950 B.C. Bartimaeus is the servant of one of King Solomon's magicians. When the former tricks his master out of his pentacle, Bartimaeus instantly kills him, but with consequences. King Solomon, hearing of this, sentences death to Bartimaeus, through Khaba the Cruel, one of Solomon's most fierce magicians. All during this, Asmira, captain of the guard of Balkis (the queen of Sheba), has been sent by her queen to assassinate the king.


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