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Rosanna Lutyens, known to Nathaniel as Ms. Lutyens, is Nathaniel's former art tutor, and is a commoner. She is fired after trying to protect Nathaniel from Simon Lovelace. She also appears briefly in Ptolemy's Gate.


Ms. Lutyens is cheerful and has (more or less) a positive outlook on life, despite being a commoner. She has empathy for Nathaniel, and is one of his first friends.

She does not have any love for magicians, although she does not try to overthrow them; she simply copes with it as well as she can.

Interactions with NathanielEdit

During her time as being Nathaniel's art tutor, she was very supportive and kind to him. As a result, she was one of three people he ever intentionally told his birthname, the other two being Kitty and Mrs. Underwood. Nathaniel trusted her greatly and often confided his concerns over his lessons to her. It was from her that Nathaniel first learned about William Gladstone, who over time becomes Nathaniel's idol.

She attempted to defend Nathaniel when he was cruelly beaten by Lovelace and his imp; she had allegedly attempted to strike Lovelace, but was restrained. Unfortunately, her efforts caused her to be fired.

In Ptolemy's Gate, Nathaniel (as John Mandrake) attempted to reconnect with her. However, he does a poor job at it, and only succeeds in making her feel as though he has come to lord over her. She finally politely brushes him off after he requests that she never reveal his Birth Name, to which she replies that she has better things to do than betray the children she once worked with. She also implies that Nathaniel has turned into a monster and that she was sorry she hadn't been able to save him; this inevitably puts John Mandrake on the track to reform.

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