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Nouda the Terrible was perhaps a Greater spirit, with power that exceeds marids. He was a notable spirit in history for being effective and/or destructive.

According to Bartimaeus, Nouda was "not sympathetically inclined".

He was referred to as "Lord" Nouda by lesser spirits.

He was destroyed by the spirits trapped in Gladstone's Staff, with the help of iron from the great glass palace.


Nouda is known to have been summoned by some of the most tyrannous and powerful leaders through history, usually with incredibly disatrous results.

Darius of the Persian Empire had his own army annihilated by the demon, destroying the city of Persepolis in the meantime.

Moctezuma II of the Aztec Empire was another similar master. Through a slight irregularity in his summoning technique, Nouda burst from his restraints and destroyed most of Tenochtitlan, allowing the Spanish to overrun the Aztec's capitol.

Nouda was also employed by the Assyrians for the battle of Nineveh. Bartimaeus claims he devoured 1000 Medes during the battle.

Timur the Cruel used him to sack the city of Delhi, where the spirit built a 50 foot high pile of the heads of prisoners.

Character Arc Edit

His character did not change during his conquest in the Spirit Revolt but his arc could only be conjectured as to why he came to conquer.

During Kitty's research, she noticed the names Nouda together with Tchue and Faquarl were referenced many times throughout history reflecting the spirits' popularity among magicians. Meaning: Nouda definitely formed the same ambition as Faquarl as both served multiple times (suffering implied).

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