• I live in Wolfsburg, Deutschland // Germany
  • My occupation is Ingenieur // engineer
  • I am männlich // male
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  • Hi there. Unfortunately, I have copy-pasted this message to quite a few users, but I hope that this has no effect on its credibility. This message is here because you seem to have taken an interest in being an admin/are an admin/have made significant or simply very good edits. Take your pick.

    The Bartimaeus Trilogy Wiki is currently inactive aside from me and occasional anonymous edits. I've given it a little redesign and added a favicon, chat and achievements, as well as done quite a few edits in the hopes of attracting new contributors and reviving the wiki, and I really hope I'm not mucking it up. The wiki would really benefit from your input, as I'm not the most competent person in the world and simply don't have the time to run it by myself.


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