Simon Lovelace

Jabor is a higher djinni who usually takes the appearance of a tall, red-skinned man with the head of a jackal. Jabor has been described as "moronically strong to the point of indestructible"; coincidentally, he is somewhat lacking in intelligence. Bartimaeus destroyed him by luring him into a rift caused by the arrival of Ramuthra - he was apparently torn apart. He preferably uses Detonations.


One of Jabor's former masters was Set. For a century or two Jabor was in a temple in Ombos (a city in Egypt loyal to Set) where he fed on the human sacrifices brought there, until the temple was destroyed by a Pharoh from lower Egypt. Jabor also worked in Phoenicia.

Bartimaeus encountered him while serving the Pharaoh of Egypt, under Ptolemy's command. He was apparently working for the Bedouin that had been harassing Egyptian merchants, along with a group of similarly jackal-headed djinn. Bartimaeus lured him into a sandstone cave system before collapsing it.

He was later summoned by Simon Lovelace to guard the Amulet of Samarkand. He appeared when Bartimaeus stole it, and chased him through the house. Bart hid behind a Seal before releasing it, causing one of Jabor's Detonations to hit Faquarl. Lovelace later summoned him to destroy Underwood's house. Bart and Nathaniel escaped to the roof due to Jabor using the stairs instead of flying like Faquarl would have. Bart then avoided Jabor's Detonations, causing him to destroy the roof. Bart and Nathaniel got away while Jabor dug himself out of the ruins. Lovelace later summoned him to kill Bartimaeus at Heddleham Hall, but Bartimaeus lured him close to Ramuthra's rift. Jabor perished, too moronic to realize he could escape if he shrunk a little.

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