Occuring during The Golem's Eye, this was when the golem was running amok around London and making a huge embaressment of magicians. The golem (in this case) destroyed many well-known sites, and Bartimaeus was unlucky enough to run into it several times, escaping only narrowly each time

Main EventsEdit

  • The destruction of an entire block of popular magicians' shops, including Sholto Pinn's store and killing his Foliot, Simpkin, and several members of the Night Police.
  • The wrecking of the the London museum.
  • Attacking Nathaniel when he had Gladstone's Staff.

The Golem Affair was resolved when in a final showdown, Kitty Jones was urged by Bartimaeus to jump onto its back and remove the parchment from its mouth, thereby draining its life force. The golem then reanimated and marched down to Whitehall in a return to its master, which turned out to be none other than Henry Duvall.